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News Portals: Registration set to begin next week

The registration process of online news portals will start next week, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said yesterday.

“The process will continue for some days as it is not an easy task to investigate about 3,500 news portals,” he said while talking to reporters at the secretariat.

A total of 3,517 applications were submitted after the ministry had called for registration applications from the online news portals. 

The applications were sent to the home ministry for investigation, the minister added.

A permission will be required before launching an online news portal in future, he said.

Besides, like a newspaper, an online news portal will also have to obtain a declaration from the information ministry against its name before being launched, he added.

Several meetings were held with the home, telecom and ICT ministries, and later the home ministry was requested to complete the investigation as soon as possible so that the registration process could be started soon, Hasan said.

Steps will be taken against unauthorised online news portals after the registration process is completed, he said.


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