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Don’t move against peaceful protesters at universities

Transparency International Bangladesh yesterday urged the authorities to refrain from taking measures against students and teachers who were peacefully protesting against the universities’ authorities including that of Jahangirnagar University.

The Bangladeshi branch of the Berlin-based Transparency International also urged the authorities to ensure proper investigation into the corruption allegations against the universities’ authorities.

The call came at TIB’s general meeting 2018-19 which was held at TIB’s Dhanmondi Office yesterday, according to a press release.

About 51 professionals of different sectors have voluntarily participated in TIB’s social movement against corruption.

They expressed frustration over the government’s failure in maintaining discipline in the universities’ campuses and inaction of law enforcement agencies in preventing nonstop student violence, massive corruption and other irregularities.

Expressing solidarity to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s zero tolerance policy against corruption, they opine to make everyone accountable, irrespective of their social status, for the irregularities.

Involvement of ruling party’s front organisations’ leaders in corruption manifest how corruption grows with political backing, they said.

They expressed deep concern over the incidents of bullying on students and torture on female workers in Middle Eastern countries.

The members welcomed the government decision of forming banking commission in a bid to bringing reform in the banking sector, already plunged into default loan and irregularities.

They, however, opined that if the much-expected commission was formed under the supervision of Bangladesh Bank, it would turn out to be a meaningless and shortsighted decision. TIB called upon to form an independent commission.

TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman moderated the meeting.


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